What You Need:

Everything you need to track your real-time heart rate while you swim.

  • FORM Smart Swim Goggles

  • FORM Mounting Clip (included with purchase of goggles)

  • Compatible Polar Sensor Polar Verity Sense or OH1/OH1 + (sold separately)

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Review In App

After your swim, review all of your metrics in the FORM Swim App—including heart rate. See where your heart rate was at during each set, how much time you spent in each zone, and more.

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Distraction-Free Fit

The Polar Verity Sense, OH1, and OH1 + sit snuggly and unobtrusively on your temple, thanks to the FORM mounting clip. You'll need to wear your goggles under your cap with the Polar sensor resting on your skin, so it can accurately record your heart rate.