FORM Membership (Smart Swim Goggles Included)

Unlock limitless motivation and potential with FORM. Your membership includes smart swim goggles, guided workouts, and the FORM Swim App.
Member Features

  • Transparent in-goggle display
  • Workout library with new guided workouts added weekly
  • Accurate real-time swim metrics and workout instructions
  • FORM app for reviewing swims, tracking progress, and social sharing

Your Membership Experience

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Motivation from Start to Finish with Guided Workouts

  • Your goggles will tell you what to swim, when to go, when to rest, and the right effort level.
  • Hundreds of coach-designed workouts means you’ll always be able to match your mood, skill level, and schedule.
  • Swim updates and the progress bar tell you where you're at in each set, and your overall workout.
Dive Into Workouts

Product Overview

2 iPhones displaying different screens on the Form swim app: "All Workouts" and the results post-workout with social features

The FORM Swim App

Your swim experience starts and ends here. 

  • Browse the workout library and filter based on distance, time, and category. 
  • Watch pre-workout tutorials to better your technique and feel confident. 
  • Review your swims and see your progress over time. 
  • Share your swims, celebrate how far you’ve come, and connect with other swimmers.
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Quality and Warranty

Built to last. Premium design and high quality features like chemical-resistant anti-fog coating and FDA-certified silicone eye seals. FORM goggles come with a one-year warranty, so you can swim worry free.

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